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Getting a Referral Code or Link

This article covers how to generate a referral code to send or share with other drivers. If another driver uses your referral code or link, you get paid!
  1. Log into your DriverDirect account. For detailed information on how to log into your account, go here: Logging In. Your DriverDirect account information displays, showing a URL and a code. You can choose to send the URL or the code to other drivers to use when checking out to get a discount. 

You can choose to share the link over email, Twitter, Facebook, or text message (SMS). 

If your referral goes to the URL, the discount is automatically applied to their shopping cart and they can complete the checkout process to get the discount. If they use the code, the driver can go to, apply the code to their shopping cart, and check out to receive the discount. After your referral uses your referral code to purchase an F-ELD, you will receive a ONE20 BNK card with money on it. 

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