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ONE20 Roadside

ONE20 Roadside
To make sure you get the assistance you need if you run into trouble on the road, the ONE20 Roadside program was created. The program has three levels that offer different benefits and features. This article includes information on how the program works and what's offered at each program level.

Program Overview

To help drivers get the help they need while on the road, ONE20 created ONE20 Roadside. All ONE20 members are automatically enrolled in the Roadside program. Through this program, drivers get things like truck and trailer towing, flat tire changes, tire repairs, mobile mechanic service, and jump starts for free. By providing these services for free or at discounted rates, ONE20 is able to help its members get the services they need while keeping money in drivers' pockets. 

The program has three different levels--platinum, gold, and silver. Each program level has different benefits that get drivers back on the road. All ONE20 members are automatically enrolled in the silver program level when they create an account in a ONE20 product. Drivers will also have options for added coverage under the gold and platinum programs; depending on what additional ONE20 products and services they're using.

Using the program is easy – benefits are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For assistance, drivers call the support number. Then they receive a text from, which allows the support team to geo-locate the driver so dispatchers know exactly where to send a service team.

Getting Started

  • All ONE20 members are automatically enrolled in the silver program level.
  • Members can upgrade to the gold or platinum levels at a discounted rate. 
  • Members utilizing other ONE20 products and services, such as running an active F-ELD, qualify for free upgraded service.

Program Levels


Free for Who?

  • ONE20 Freight Partners
  • Paid F-ELD Members
  • F-ELD Members
  • BNK Members
  • ONE20 Members

Tow Truck and Trailer

100 miles

25 miles

10 miles

Flat Tire Change

(Up to $150 for call out fee)

(Up to $100 for call out fee)

(Up to $100 for call out fee)

Tire Replacement

(up to $100 for call out fee)

Tire Repair

(up to $100 for call out fee)

Mobile Mechanic Service

(up to $100 for call out fee)

Oil, Fluid, and Water Delivery

(up to $100 for call out fee)

Replacement Part Delivery

(up to $100 for call out fee)

Replacement Battery Delivery

(up to $100 for call out fee)

Lockout and Key Replacement

($100 benefit limit max coverage)

Light Winching/Extricating

(up to a maximum ½ hour of labor that does not exceed $100)

Jump Starts

(Up to $150 for call out fee)

(Up to $100 for call out fee)

(Up to $100 for call out fee)

Pull Start

(up to $100 per occurrence)

Discounted Hotel Stays

Engine Overhaul Financing

Truck Financing

Lease Buyout Financing

Using the Program

After you've created an account in a ONE20 product, you can use the program benefits at anytime (24 hours a day/7 days a week). If you have a roadside event, this is how you get help:

  1. Call the roadside support number (1-800-203-7666).
  2. Provide your member ID (the email address you used to create a ONE20 account).
  3. Describe your problem. 
  4. You receive a text that allows the support team to geo-locate you so dispatchers know where to send a service team.
  5. A service team is sent to your location.

Roadside Support Contact Info

For ONE20 Roadside support, call this number: 1-800-203-7666


Is it really free?

We know--it seems too good to be true. These services aren't magically free for everyone involved; however, they're free for you. ONE20 picks up the bill for a lot of these services. We do this with the hopes that if we help you get back on your "feet," then you'll be a loyal ONE20 member.

It's important to note that most free services have limits. In most cases, we'll cover up to $100 of the service you need. For example, if you accidentally lock yourself out of your truck and need a locksmith, we will pay up to $100 of that service. Please review the Program Levels section for more information on service limits. 

What the heck is RoadsideMASTERS?

RoadsideMASTERS is the company ONE20 partnered with to create the ONE20 Roadside assistance program. RoadsideMASTERS (, is the nation's leading membership program providing roadside assistance to commercial vehicles across the United States and Canada. Since 2009, RoadsideMASTERS has offered Emergency Roadside Assistance to thousands of customers nationwide. Their customers include many of the TOP 100 fleets, owner-operators, insurance companies, insurance agents, freight brokers, a variety of associations, load boards, and dealerships.

Long story short--they're legit. We won't send ONE20 interns in Honda Civics to help you. When you need help, we'll partner with RoadsideMASTERS to get qualified people with the right equipment to you where and when you need it. 

The "Fine Print"

To be eligible for the program, drivers must be members of ONE20. Drivers who currently have roadside assistance through are not eligible for coverage.

ONE20 Roadside is a partnership agreement through designed to provide ONE20 Members with value added services. copyright Roadside Transportation LLC., DBA,

*Silver level of services are available to all ONE20 Members not previously enrolled in a program with RoadsideMASTERS. Gold level is free to F-ELD users and BNK Members. Platinum level is limited to CHR Freight & paying F-ELD users.