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Giving ONE20 Access to Your Location, Phone, Contacts, and Storage

This support article includes information on how to edit the settings on your device so the ONE20 app can work as designed.

Your Android device's app permissions need to be set so the ONE20 app can have access to your device's location, phone, contacts, and storage. Setting these permissions on your device ensures that you can use all features within the ONE20 app. Giving ONE20 access to your device's location is important so ONE20 can provide you with free and accurate truck safe navigation, deals, and information for locations near you. When ONE20 has access to your device's default phone app, you are then able to place phone calls to locations like truck stops, restaurants, and gas stations from within the ONE20 app. ONE20 also has the ability to populate your contact's saved email addresses into the ONE20 app to easily invite friends to join ONE20 if you allow ONE20 to access your contact information. Lastly, when ONE20 has access to your device's storage, you are able to access your pictures to set a profile picture in the ONE20 app. 

It is important to note that if you choose to not give ONE20 access to your device's location, phone, contacts, and storage, you will not be able to use all features within the ONE20 app. 

For information on how to give ONE20 access to your device's location, phone, contacts, and storage while installing and setting up the app on your device, go here: Downloading and Installing ONE20.

To give ONE20 access to your device's location after you have already set up the ONE20 app on your device, follow these steps:

  1. On your Android device, tap the Settings app. The Settings screen displays. 


  1. Choose the Apps option. The Apps screen displays. 


  1. In the Apps screen, choose the My ONE20 app. The App info screen displays. 


  1. Choose the Permissions option. The App permissions screen displays. 


  1. In the App permissions screen, enable these options:
  • Location
  • Phone
  • Storage 
  • Contacts


Your changes are automatically saved.