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Active Traffic Settings

This article covers how to configure the traffic settings in navigation.

Managing your settings in Truck Safe Navigation allows you to set up and personalize your navigation so everything works exactly how you want it to. 

  1. In the ONE20 app, tap the Navigate icon. The Navigate screen displays.


  1. In the Navigate screen, tap the Start button for the Truck Safe Navigation option. Truck Safe Navigation displays. 


  1. Tap the Menu button. The Welcome dialog displays. 


  1. Tap the Main Menu button. The Go To screen displays. 


  1. Tap the Settings button. The Settings screen displays.


  1. In the Settings screen, tap the ActiveTraffic option. The Traffic screen displays. 


  1. In the Traffic screen, configure these options:
  • Enable Traffic Service: Enable this option if you would like Truck Safe Navigation to notify you when you are approaching traffic on your route. 
  • Display Traffic Bar: Enable this option if you would like Truck Safe Navigation to display a bar at the top of the navigation screens with traffic information. 
  • Distance Ahead to Report Traffic: Choose how far ahead on your route you would like to be notified about or see traffic information. 
  • Traffic Update Interval: Choose how often you would like traffic information to be updated. For example, if you choose the 10 mins option, the traffic information and updates that you receive will be updated with the most up-to-date information every ten minutes. 
  • Show Traffic Delay Alert: Choose when you would like to be alerted of a traffic delay along your route. For example, if you choose the Delay of 20+ mins option, you are only notified about alerts that could cause you to be delayed by 20 minutes or more along your route. 

The changes are automatically saved.

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