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ONE20 Help

Navigating the Shortest Route

This article covers how to configure your navigation settings to always navigate the shortest route available.
  1. In Truck Safe Navigation, tap the   button. The Welcome dialog displays. 
  2. Tap the Main Menu button. The Go To screen displays. 
  3. Tap the  icon. The Route screen displays. 
  4. Tap the Vehicle Routing Profiles option. The Vehicle Routing Profiles screen displays. 

  1. In the Vehicle Routing Profiles screen, choose your truck type.
  2. After you choose your truck type, you can choose to further configure your vehicle information. To do this, tap the View/Edit button. Additional configuration options for your vehicle display. Please note that depending on the type of vehicle that you choose, the additional options that are available for configuration may vary.

  1. Choose the Shortest option. Choosing this option will evaluate truck acceptable roadways and provide the smallest distance between your destinations.