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ONE20 Help

Finding About Information

This support article covers how to find the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and other information in the ONE20 app.
  1. Tap the More icon. The More screen displays.
  2. Tap the About option. The About screen displays.
  3. Tap one of the following menu options:
  • Why ONE20: Tapping the Why ONE20 option takes you to the Why ONE20 screen that includes information on the value of using the ONE20 app.


  • Terms and Conditions: Tapping the Terms & Conditions option takes you to the Terms & Conditions screen that includes information on what you are agreeing to when you download and use the ONE20 app. 


  • Privacy Policy: Tapping the Privacy Policy option takes you to the Privacy Policy screen that includes information on how ONE20 gathers, stores, and maintains your information.