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ONE20 Help

Downloading and Installing ONE20

This support article covers how to download and install the ONE20 app onto your device.

Downloading and using the ONE20 app gives you access to free truck safe navigation, coupons and deals, trip planning tools, information on locations near you, and other features that will make your life on the road more affordable, healthier, more connected, and more predictable. 

Enabling the "Unknown sources" Setting

Before you can install the ONE20 app on your device, you may need to enable the "Unknown sources" setting on your Android device. Enabling this setting ensures that your device will allow applications from new companies to be installed. Please note that the information and screens below may be different on your device depending on the device type, version, and operating system that you are using.

  1. On your Android device, tap the Settings app. The Settings screen displays.


  1. In the Settings screen, tap the Lock screen and security option. The Lock screen and security screen displays.


  1. In the Lock screen and security screen, enable the Unknown sources option.


Installing ONE20 on Your Device

  1. Tap the Play Store app on your device. Google Play displays. 


  1. Search for "My ONE20" in the Google Play search bar. Search results display.



  1. From the search results, tap on the My ONE20 app. The My ONE20 app's Google Play page displays. 


  1. Tap the Install button. The My ONE20 app installs on your device. When the installation is complete, the Install button changes to an Open button. 



  1. Tap the OPEN button. The ONE20 app opens on your device.