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Rating and Reviewing Locations

This support article covers how to rate and review locations and places in the ONE20 app.

You can rate locations by giving them a star rating and providing more detailed information on what you think about the location and its amenities. For each location (Example: Love’s Travel Center in Gary, IN), you can assign a rating of one (lowest) to five (highest) stars. Submitting ratings for different locations let's you share what was good and bad about your experience so you can help your fellow drivers. 

  1. Tap the Plan option. The Plan screen displays, showing a map of nearby locations. 
  2. Search for a location. For information on how to find a location, go here: Finding Locations and Amenities Near You. Information for the location displays. 

  1. To rate a location and its amenities, tap on the Rate link. From this screen, you can rate the overall location as well as the location's amenities. A location is the overall place (Example: Love's Travel Center in Gary, Indiana), while an amenity is a service or feature that a location provides (Example: showers). 


  1. Choose the number of stars that you would like to give to the location. You can assign a rating of one (lowest or worst rating) to five (highest or best rating) stars. 
  2. In the free-form field, enter any text that you would like to share with other ONE20 members about your experience at this location. For example, if you thought that the location was clean, but the service was poor, you could choose to share these thoughts in this field. 
  3. Choose a "thumbs up" or a "thumbs down" for each amenity. A "thumbs up" rating indicates that you liked the amenity; a "thumbs down" rating indicates that you did not like the amenity. 


  1. After assigning a review and rating for the location and its amenities, tap the Submit button. Your location rating is submitted and ONE20 will share that information with other ONE20 members.