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ONE20 Help

Language and Voice Settings

This article covers how to choose the language that you would like navigation to use.

Managing your settings in Truck Safe Navigation allows you to set up and personalize your navigation so everything works exactly how you want it to. 

  1. In the ONE20 app, tap the Navigate icon. The Navigate screen displays.


  1. In the Navigation screen, tap the Start button for the Truck Safe Navigation option. Truck Safe Navigation displays. 


  1. Tap the Menu button. The Welcome dialog displays. 


  1. Tap the Main Menu button. The Go To screen displays. 


  1. Tap the Settings button. The Settings screen displays.


  1. In the Settings screen, tap the Language & Voice option. The Language screen displays. 


  1. In the Language screen, choose the language that you would like the maps to use on your device. The changes are automatically saved. NOTE: If you would like to download voices that are not standard within Truck Safe Navigation, perform the steps here: Downloading Voices.