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ONE20 Help

Removing ONE20's Maps from Your Device

This support article covers how to delete the remainder of ONE20's files from your device after you uninstall the My ONE20 app.

If you choose to uninstall the My ONE20 app, any maps that you installed from the app will remain on your device. The information below describes how to delete the downloaded maps from your device. 

  1. Tap the Settings app. The Settings screen displays.


  1. In the Settings screen, tap the Storage option. The Internal storage screen displays. 


  1. Tap the Other option. A warning dialog displays. 


  1. In the warning dialog, tap the Explore option. The My Files screen displays. 


  1. In the My Files screen, tap the com.one20.ota option. The com.one20.ota screen displays. 


  1. Tap the More option. Menu options display. 


  1. Tap the Edit menu option. The folders become available for editing.

  1. Choose the copilot folder. When the folder is chosen, a check mark displays in the box next to the folder. 


  1. Tap the Delete option. A warning dialog displays.

  1. In the warning dialog, tap the Delete option. The copilot folder and all of its files are deleted from your device.