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ONE20 Help

Finding Locations and Amenities Near You

This support article covers how to find nearby places and things you need by using the ONE20 app.

The ONE20 app tells you where to find facilities and services that are close to you. When you choose a location, you can also view the location amenities like parking, restaurants, showers, and other services that are available at each location.

  1. Tap the Plan option. The Plan screen displays, showing a map of nearby locations. 

Searching for a Location

If you know the location that you are looking for, you can use the search feature to find the location in the ONE20 app. 

  1. In the Plan screen, enter text into the search bar that represents what you want to find. 


NOTE: You can also use the Suggestions Nearby functionality in the search bar to browse.


  1. From the list of search results, tap the location you want to view. Information for that location displays. 

Browsing for a Location on a Map

If you prefer to browse the available locations on the map, you can choose to explore the Plan screen's map.

  1. To browse for a location, you can zoom in and out on the Plan screen's map. When you're navigating around the map, you can tap the What's Nearby link to refresh the pin locations on the map. 

  1. Each pin on the map represents a location. When you tap on a pin, additional information for that location displays. 

  1. Tap on the location you want to view. Information for that location displays.

For more information on how to view location and amenity information, go here: Finding Location and Amenity Information