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ONE20 Help

Map Display Settings

This article covers how to configure the map display settings in navigation. The map display settings let you configure the map styles, location info display, show POIs on map, show POI alerts, show map in directions view, 2D display settings, show turn restrictions, and display map reporting settings within navigation.

Managing your settings in Truck Safe Navigation allows you to set up and personalize your navigation so everything works exactly how you want it to. 

  1. In the ONE20 app, tap the Navigate icon. The Navigate screen displays.


  1. In the Navigate screen, tap the Start button for the Truck Safe Navigation option. Truck Safe Navigation displays. 


  1. Tap the Menu button. The Welcome dialog displays. 


  1. Tap the Main Menu button. The Go To screen displays. 


  1. Tap the Settings button. The Settings screen displays.


  1. Tap the Map Display option. The Map Display screen displays.


  1. In the Map Display screen, configure these fields:
  • Map Styles: Choose the colors and design that you would like your device to use when displaying maps. It also allows you to choose if the maps display in a "Day Only" or "Night Only" view. This means that the maps display in a way that makes them easier to view during the day or night, depending on which option you choose. 
  • Location Info Display: Choose the location info that you want to display on your map. For example, you can decide if you want the current road, destination, nearest town, or other location information to display. 
  • Show POIs on Map: Choose when POIs should display on the map. For example, you can have POIs always display, never display, or only display when you're stopped. In this screen, you can also determine which POIs display on your map by tapping on the Currently Displayed POIs option and enabling the POI categories that you want to display.
  • Show POI Alerts: Choose if your device shows POI alerts on your route or near your route. You can also choose when POI alerts should display on your device. For example, when you're driving down the road, you can tell the navigation to send you alerts that you're within 0.2 to 25 miles of a POI. This field also allows you to choose which POIs you are alerted about. 
  • Show Map in Directions Views: Choose if your device shows your maps in directions view. This means that when you choose a distance in this field, your map view changes at the chosen distance from a directions view to a map view. 
  • 2D Display Settings: Choose how your 2D maps display on your device. These options allow you to set if your maps automatically zoom to the next turn, if they zoom to the full route, or if they do not zoom at all. This field also allows you to choose if the map displays as the road ahead facing upwards or if the map always displays North as facing up. 
  • Show Turn Restrictions: Choose if your map displays a turn restriction sign to show any restricted turnings along your route. 

The changes are automatically saved.