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ONE20 Help

Submitting a Parking Status

This support article covers how to submit a parking status to share with other drivers in the ONE20 app.

This let's you help other drivers learn about the parking availability for a location.

  1. Tap the Plan option. The Plan screen displays, showing a map of nearby locations.
  2. Search for a location. For information on how to find a location, go here: Finding Locations and Amenities Near You. Information for the location displays. 

  1. Tap the Update link next to the parking information. A dialog displays, allowing you to submit a parking availability status. 

  1. Tap one of these options to update the location's parking status: 
ParkingIconGreen.png A green Parking icon means that there are several parking spots available.
ParkingIconYellow.png A yellow Parking icon means that there are some parking spots available. 
ParkingIconRed.png A red Parking icon means that there are no available parking spots at the location.