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ONE20 Help

How can I decrease the amount of battery ONE20 uses?

The Navigation feature in the My ONE20 app has powerful features that can demand a lot of resources from your device. This can cause problems like excessive battery usage and device overheating (on older devices). To put ONE20's navigation features into low-power mode, follow the steps included below.

  1. In the ONE20 app, tap the Navigate option. The Navigate screen displays.
  2. In the Navigate screen, tap the Start button under the Use Turn-By-Turn Truck Safe Navigation option. Truck Safe Navigation displays. 
  3. In Truck Safe Navigation, tap the  button. The Welcome dialog displays.
  4. Tap the Main Menu button. The Go To screen displays.
  5. Tap the Settings icon. The Settings screen displays.
  6. Tap the Power Saving option. The Power Saving screen displays.
  7. Choose the Always use low power mode option. Choosing this power saving option will decrease the demand on your device's battery. When this option is enabled, your device receives GPS updates every 30 seconds, rather than every 5 seconds. Because of this, your GPS accuracy may be impacted