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Updating a Weigh Station Status

This support article covers how to update a weigh station's status.

You can choose to update a weigh station status in the ONE20 app. When you update a weigh station's status, you are helping other drivers know when a weigh station is open or closed. This helps your fellow drivers plan because they can learn in advance when they will need to stop for an inspection.

  1. Tap the Plan option. The Plan screen displays, showing a map of nearby locations. 
  2. Search for a location. For information on how to find a location, go here: Finding Locations and Amenities Near You. Information for the location displays. 

  1. For the weigh station, tap the Update Status button. A dialog displays that allows you to report if a weigh station is open or closed. 


  1. Tap one of these options:
  • Open: Tap the Open option if the chosen weigh station is open and drivers must stop for inspections.
  • Closed: Tap the Closed option if the chosen weigh station is closed and drivers do not have to stop for inspections. 

The weigh station status is updated to help other drivers. 

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