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ONE20 Help

Version 0.9.10/11 Release Notes

This section includes information on the features, fixes, system requirements, and compatibility information for the 0.9.10 (Android) and 0.9.11 (iOS) versions of the ONE20 application.


  • Features: The Features section covers new features that were created and are being released with this version of the product.
  • Fixes: The Fixes section covers the defects and issues that were released with previous versions of a ONE20 product and were fixed during this release. 
  • Documentation: The Documentation section includes information on the product documentation that was created or updated during this release.
  • Compatibility and Requirements: The Compatibility and Requirements section includes information on any compatibility and requirements that should be followed so the ONE20 products work as designed.


This information provides an overview of what's available in the 0.9.10 (Android) and 0.9.11 (iOS) versions of ONE20. These features are available on Android phones, Android tablets, and iOS devices. 

Notification Support

ONE20 now has the ability to send messages directly to members through the app. These messages will include information and tips about application features, cost-saving promotions, and other information that can make life on the road easier, cheaper, and more enjoyable. 


  • Our app was crashing and sometimes experienced delays...but we fixed it.
  • We found some UI stuff that you didn't like and we found some UI stuff that we didn't like, so we changed it.
  • Some POIs were missing because things got funky behind the scenes. We fixed the funkiness. 
  • Some stuff was causing POI info (deals, amenities, etc.) to not show up in the app. But don't worry--we fixed it. We never want to be the people to make you miss something again.
  • An issue that was causing some users to be navigated to the wrong addresses for POIs was fixed. I mean, navigation is useless if it sends you to the wrong place. 
  • A black screen used to display when you would kill the app and then re-launch it. Everyone hated that so we changed it. 
  • Searching now only returns results after you put in four or more characters. Search results are pretty useless with just a couple characters anyway.
  • Some users weren't able to share the My ONE20 app with friends. We really want you to share our app so we fixed that FAST. 
  • We continued to update and fix the information on locations, amenities, weigh stations, deals, and other things within the app. We want to connect you with what you need where and when you need it so we're always working on getting better. 
  • We fixed an issue that was allowing users to submit reviews too often. We learned that some people have A LOT of opinions they want to share...
  • An issue that was causing the wrong tab to be chosen by default in the POI details screen was fixed. That was a weird one, but we fixed it so it's all good. 
  • "Unknown" POI types will no longer display in the application. I mean, that was pretty useless anyway.
  • There was some craziness with the map layers incorrectly being enabled and disabled. We fixed it so don't worry about it.
  • You probably don't care, but we added a missing software build number into the app. 
  • A scrolling issue on the "Reviews" tab for POIs was fixed. Nothing is more annoying than being unable to scroll down when you need to. 
  • An issue that annoyed A LOT of people was fixed and now the "What's Nearby" button only displays when it's supposed to.
  • Oh, and things got weird with the reset password feature on iOS devices. That's all taken care of too. 


Links to the documentation that were created and released with this version of the ONE20 product are included below:

Compatibility and Requirements

The information below covers the compatibility and requirements that should be followed so the ONE20 products work as designed. 

  • Software Requirement: Android Operating System 4.1 and newer
  • Hardware Requirement: 
    • Supported Screen Sizes: hdpi, xhdpi, xxhdpi
  • 70 MB of available storage space for the ONE20 app
  • 400 MB to 2.5 GB of storage space for Truck Safe Navigation map download
  • Software Requirement: iOS 8.0+
  • Hardware Requirement: iPhone 4S+
  • 70 MB of available storage space for the ONE20 app
  • 400 MB to 2.5 GB of storage space for Truck Safe Navigation map download