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Version 0.9.3 Release Notes

This section includes information on the features, fixes, system requirements, and compatibility information for the 0.9.3 version of the ONE20 application.


  • Features: The Features section covers new features that were created and are being released with this version of the product. 
  • Fixes: The Fixes section covers the defects and issues that were released with previous versions of a ONE20 product and were fixed during this release. 
  • Documentation: The Documentation section includes information on the product documentation that was created or updated during this release.
  • Compatibility and Requirements: The Compatibility and Requirements section includes information on any compatibility and requirements that should be followed so the ONE20 products work as designed. 


This information provides an overview of what's available in the 0.9.3 version of ONE20. These features are available on Android and iOS devices. 

Locations and Amenities

The ONE20 app allows members to find and view information for nearby places. Members can find locations in the ONE20 app by browsing a map, searching for keywords, or by looking through a list of nearby locations. Having this information available in one place allows ONE20 members to more easily plan out where they spend their time and money. When members find a location, they can view information like this:

  • Parking availability for the location
  • Ratings for the location
  • Hours of operation for the location
  • Phone number and address for the location
  • Available deals, discounts, and coupons for the location
  • Options for navigating to the location
  • Satellite view for the location

For more detailed information, go here:

Ratings and Reviews

The 0.9.3 version of the ONE20 app allows members to rate locations by giving them a star rating and providing more detailed information on what they think about the location and its amenities. For each location (Example: Love’s Travel Center in Gary, IN), members can assign a rating of one (lowest or worst rating) to five (highest or best rating) stars. Submitting ratings for different locations allows drivers to share what was good and bad about their experience so they can help other drivers.

Coupons, Deals, and Discounts

The ONE20 app still provides coupons, deals, and discounts to members to help them save money on the things they need. During this release, more deals were added.

1.0_Android_DealsScreen.png   1.0_Android_DealDetailsScreen.png   1.0_Android_DealsSort.png

For more detailed information on how to find and use coupons, deals, and discounts, go here:


The ONE20 app still integrates with Truck Safe Navigation and Google Maps, which allows all ONE20 members to use these applications for free. Additionally, an integration with Apple Maps was also added during this release for members who use iOS devices. The navigation apps allow members to plan trips and organize their travel. After members plan their trips, the navigation software gives members step-by-step directions that guide them where they want to go.

1.0_TSN_MyRouteScreen.png   1.0_TSN_Navigation.png   1.0_TSN_MyMapsScreenRegions.png   1.0_TSN_BrowseMapScreen.png

Detailed information on using navigation can be found here:

Parking Status Information

The ability for members to view and submit parking status information for locations was added during this release. To save time and limit frustration, drivers can view the parking availability status information so they don't have to stop at multiple locations to find an available parking spot. Instead, they can quickly and easily view which locations have available parking in the ONE20 app. 

Additionally, drivers can also choose to submit their own parking availability status information to help other drivers. For example, if a driver learns that a location has a lot of available parking, some available parking, or no available parking, the driver can report that information to the ONE20 app. That information is then shared with other ONE20 members. 

Viewing Parking Status Information


Submitting Parking Status Information


Detailed information on viewing and submitting parking status information can be found here:



User Interface and User Experience Updates

Many small user interface and user experience updates were made during this release to help make the app easier for members to use. Updates were made to small navigation items, icon design, buttons, and other small elements throughout the app.

Integrated Help Content

A "Get Help" menu item was added during this release. When tapped, this menu option takes members to a content management system where they can find information on how to use the app. The content is fully searchable so members can quickly find the information they need. ONE20 Help can also be found here:


Copy Text Updates

Many text updates were made during this release. These text updates were made to tab names, menu names, field names, screen titles, as well as other areas throughout the app.


There are no previously released, generally available versions of the ONE20 products, so there were no externally released defects that were found and fixed during this release.


Links to the documentation that were created and released with this version of the ONE20 product are included below:

Compatibility and Requirements

The information below covers the compatibility and requirements that should be followed so the ONE20 products work as designed. 

Android App 
  • Software Requirement: Android Operating System 4.1 and newer
  • Hardware Requirement: 
    • Supported Screen Sizes: hdpi, xhdpi, xxhdpi
  • 70 MB of available storage space for the ONE20 app
  • 400 MB to 2.5 GB of storage space for Truck Safe Navigation map download
iOS App
  • Software Requirement: iOS 8.0+
  • Hardware Requirement: iPhone 4S+
  • 70 MB of available storage space for the ONE20 app
  • 400 MB to 2.5 GB of storage space for Truck Safe Navigation map download