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Managing Your HOS Settings

This support article covers how to edit your hours of service settings to ensure that your logs are true and correct. Your HOS settings include information like your carrier name and DOT number, address, rule set, 24-hour period start time, and other required settings for FMCSA compliance.
  1. Tap the More icon. The More screen displays.
  2. In the More screen, tap the HOS Settings option. The HOS Settings screen displays. 

  1. In the HOS Settings screen, edit this information:
  • Default Info to Log Header: Enable or disable this option. If this option is enabled, the field values default to the corresponding available fields, daily log form header, and/or the roadside view form header. If this option is disabled, the field values do not default to the corresponding available fields and you have to manually enter the information into the fields. 
  • Carrier Name: Enter your carrier's name. This field is required. 
  • Carrier DOT #: Enter your carrier's USDOT number. This field is required. 
  • Home Terminal Address: Enter the address of your home terminal. 
  • Home Terminal City: Enter the city of your home terminal. 
  • Home Terminal State: Enter the state of your home terminal. 
  • Home Terminal Zip Code: Enter the zip code of your home terminal. This information helps ONE20 use the right time zone in your app. This field is required. 
  • HOS Rule Set: Choose the type of rule set you would like to use. This field is required.
  • Time Zone: This is the time zone of your home terminal zip code (displayed on the roadside header). The value that is entered here is determined by the value that you enter for your home terminal zip code. This field is required. 
  • 24-Hour Period Start Time: Choose the time of day that each log day starts. Note that this field defaults to "12:00 Midnight." This field is required. 
  • Personal Conveyance Enabled: Enable this option if you would like to use personal conveyance. Disable this option if you would not like to use personal conveyance. "Personal conveyance" is any time you are operating the commercial motor vehicle to do personal things. This field is disabled by default. 
  • Yard Moves Enabled: Enable this option if you would like your ELD solution to be able to log and record "yard moves." Yard moves are any slow, short movements that a driver makes while not driving a route. For example, if you want to move your truck around the yard without being put into driving status, your ELD would record a yard move, which helps you optimize your available drive time. If you enable this option, you can choose the "Yard Move" status before you move your truck a very short distance. Then, when you move your truck, the motion does not change your status to "driving." However, if you exceed 5 MPH while in this state, your status is automatically changed to "driving." 
  1. Tap the Save button. Your changes are saved.