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ONE20 Help

Resetting Your Password

This support article covers how to reset your password in the ONE20 F-ELD app. Knowing how to do this can be helpful if you forgot which password you used to set up your account and you want to log in.
  1. Open the ONE20 F-ELD app on your device. The Get Started screen displays.

  1. In the Get Started screen, tap the Already have an account? Sign in. link. The Welcome Back screen displays.

  1. Tap the Forgot your email or password link. The We'll Get You Back on Track screen displays.

  1. In the We'll Get You Back on Track screen, enter your email address into the Email Address field. 

  1. Tap the Reset Password button. Your ONE20 F-ELD password is reset and you receive an email from ONE20 with additional guidance on how to finish resetting your password.