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ONE20 Help

Rejecting Unidentified Activity

You can choose to reject activities. When activities are rejected, they are not logged in your logbook or log history and they are removed from your list of activities.

When the ELD detects motion but no driver is connected to it, the motion is logged as an "unidentified activity" under the Unidentified Profile. All unidentified activity recorded by your ELD in the last 15 days will be stored for law enforcement review. This information cannot be deleted. If you were the driver at the time, you can easily assume this activity as your own and automatically update your log accordingly without any further edits required. You can also reject it if it was not yours. However, rejected unidentified activity will still remain reviewable by law enforcement under the Unidentified Profile during a roadside inspection.

  1. Tap the More menu option. The More screen displays.
  2. Tap the Manage Unidentified Activity option. The Manage Unidentified Activity screen displays, showing all of the unidentified activities that have been recorded by your ELD in the last 15 days.


  1. From the list of unidentified driving activities, choose the activity (or multiple activities) that you would like to reject. When an activity is chosen, a check mark displays in the box next to the activity.
  2. Tap the Reject button. You are prompted to enter a comment explaining why this unidentified driving activity should not be included in your daily log.
  3. After you enter a comment, tap Save. The chosen activities are marked as rejected and are not logged in your daily log. These items still remain on the Unidentified Profile in your Unidentified Activity until another driver assumes them as their own or until they are more than 8 days old.