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ONE20 Help

Switching Drivers

This article covers how to switch drivers, which can be done by each driver connecting and disconnecting from a shared truck adapter. Note that when co-driving, drivers can share a ONE20 F-ELD truck adapter but they cannot share a mobile device or one instance of the ONE20 F-ELD app. Each driver must have his or her own mobile device and ONE20 F-ELD app.

Step 1: Disconnect the Connected Driver

  1. In the ONE20 F-ELD app, tap the My Log option. Your logs for today display. In the upper, right-hand corner of the screen, your ELD connection status displays. 
  2. To disconnect from your truck adapter, tap on your current "Connected" status. 

A list of current truck adapters displays. 

  1. Tap on the truck adapter you would like to disconnect. The Disconnect dialog displays.

  1. In the Disconnect dialog, tap the Yes option. Your ONE20 F-ELD app is disconnected from your ONE20 F-ELD truck adapter and "Disconnected" displays.

Step 2: Connect the Disconnected Driver

After the connected driver disconnects from the shared truck adapter, the driver who is current disconnected from the truck adapter can connect.

For detailed information on how to connect to a truck adapter, go here: Connecting Your ONE20 F-ELD Truck Adapter with the ONE20 F-ELD App.