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Buying a ONE20 F-ELD Truck Adapter

This article covers how you can buy a ONE20 F-ELD.

Where to Buy

In addition to some retail locations, you can also purchase the ONE20 F-ELD Truck Adapter online. You can purchase a truck adapter here:

Finding Info on Buying in the App

  1. Open the ONE20 F-ELD app. When you haven't created an account or logged in, the Get Started screen displays.

  1. Tap the Get Started button. The Have a ONE20 ELD Truck Adapter screen displays. 

  1. In the Have a ONE20 ELD Truck Adapter screen, tap the No button if you do not have a ONE20 F-ELD Truck Adapter. The Get Your ONE20 ELD Truck Adapter screen displays. 

  1. In the Get Your ONE20 ELD Truck Adapter screen, tap the Learn More button to view additional information on where you can purchase a device. 
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