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ONE20 Help

Managing Permission Settings

This article covers how to configure the app permissions settings that are required for the ONE20 F-ELD to function.

Your Android device's app permissions need to be set so the ONE20 F-ELD app can have access to your device's camera, location, phone, and storage. Setting these permissions on your device ensures that you can use all features within the ONE20 F-ELD app and that you are compliant with FMCSA regulations.

  1. On your Android device, tap the Settings app. The Settings screen displays. 
  2. Choose the Apps option. The Apps screen displays. 
  3. In the Apps screen, choose the ONE20 F-ELD app. The App info screen displays. 
  4. Choose the Permissions option. The App permissions screen displays. 
  5. In the App permissions screen, enable these options:
  • Camera: This access is needed so the app can use your device's camera to scan your ONE20 F-ELD Truck Adapter's QR code to quickly pair your adapter with your app. 
  • Location: This access is needed so the app can associate your location with a change in duty status. This saves you time and energy because you won't have to manually type in your location when you're updating your status. 
  • Phone: This access is needed so the app can quickly initiate a phone call for you when you choose to contact ONE20 Support from within the app. 
  • Storage: This access is needed so the app can store the information and files that you will need to be FMCSA compliant. More specifically, the ELD mandate requires that eight days of logs are recorded and stored on your device. These eight days of logs must be immediately accessible if you are asked to show them during an inspection. Before the ONE20 F-ELD app can store these eight days of logs on your device, you must give the app access to your device's storage. 

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