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ONE20 Help

Showing Your Logs

This support article covers how to show your logs if you are asked to do so during a roadside inspection.
  1. Tap the Roadside option. A new screen displays. 

  1. In this screen, tap the Display button. The Roadside Inspection screen displays. 

  1. Hand your device to the officer.
  2. The officer taps the Continue button. The Officer Instructions screen displays. 

  1. The officer taps the View Logs button. The Roadside Log screen displays, allowing the officer to view detailed log and activity information. 


  1. If the officer wants to view additional driver, vehicle, and ELD information, he or she taps the Form Header button. In this screen, the officer can tap on the tabs to view detailed driver information, vehicle information, as well as ELD information like manufacturer and ID. Additionally, the officer can view any unidentified activity recorded by the ELD in the last 8 days under the Unidentified Profile by tapping on the View Unidentified Activity link on the ELD tab.

Driver Tab


Veh/Ship Tab



This information displays in the ELD tab: 

  • ELD Manufacturer: In this field, the company that provided your truck adapter displays. If ONE20 provided your truck adapter, ONE20 Inc. displays here. This value cannot be changed. 
  • ELD ID: In this field, the number FMCSA assigned to ONE20 when registering the ELD solution displays. This value cannot be changed.
  • Unidentified Driver Records: If this option is enabled, it means the adapter recorded unidentified driving activity on the current day. 
  • Data Diagnostic Indicators: If this option is enabled, it means the adapter recorded at least one data diagnostic event on the current day. 
  • ELD Malfunction Indicators: If this option is enabled, it means the adapter recorded at least one malfunction on the current day.