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Handling Data Diagnostic Events

This article covers the types of data diagnostic events and what they mean.

What to Do

  • Click on the Details link in the System Issues screen for more detailed information

What the Diagnostic Events Mean

Data Diagnostic Power Event An ELD must monitor the data it receives from the engine ECM or other sources (as allowed), its onboard sensors, and data record history. This is needed to identify instances when it may not have complied with the power requirements. In this case, the ELD must record a power data diagnostics event for the corresponding driver(s), or under the unidentified driver profile if no drivers were authenticated at the time of detection.
Data Diagnostic Engine Synchronization Event An ELD is required to establish a link to the engine ECM to monitor its connectivity and its ability to retrieve the vehicle parameters. It also must record an engine synchronization data diagnostics event when it can no longer get updated values for the ELD parameters required from records within five seconds of the need.
Data Diagnostic Missing Required Data Elements Event An ELD must monitor the completeness of the ELD event record information in relation to the required data elements for each event type and it must record a missing data elements data diagnostics event for the driver if any required field is missing at the time of recording.
Data Diagnostic Data Transfer Event An ELD must implement in-service monitoring functions to verify that the data transfer mechanisms are continuing to function properly. An ELD must verify this functionality at least once every seven days. These monitoring functions may be automatic or they may involve manual steps for the driver. The ONE20 F-ELD uses manual steps. If the monitoring mechanism fails to confirm proper in-service operation of the data transfer mechanism(s), an ELD must record a data transfer data diagnostic event and enter an unconfirmed data transfer mode.
Data Diagnostic Unidentified Driving Records Event This is displayed for all drivers who connect to the Truck Adapter in the current and next 7 days. It shows once the unidentified activity time is greater than 30 minutes in a 24-hour period. It clears when the total unidentified activity in the current and previous seven days is less than or equal to 15 minutes.