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Certifying Logs

This support article covers how to certify your logs in the ONE20 F-ELD app. It is recommended that all drivers certify their logs at the end of every work day to avoid unwanted reminder alerts. Your log will not be editable after it is certified. If you realize you made a mistake, you need to uncertify your certified logs, make changes, and then re-certify the updated logs.

If you fail to certify your logs, the ONE20 F-ELD app will display a notification and you must complete the steps included below.  

  1. Tap the My Log icon. Your logs for today display. 

  1. When you're ready to certify your logs, tap the Certify button. The Certify Your Day screen displays. 

  1. Using your finger, sign your name.

  1. Tap the Certify button. A warning dialog displays.
  2. In the warning dialog, tap the Agree button. Note that when you tap this button, you are certifying that your logs are accurate, complete, and error-free. You also have the option to tap Not Ready if you decide that you are not ready to certify your logs. 
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