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Managing Your Form Header

This support article covers how to edit your form header information so your logs are complete and compliant. The "form header" information includes vehicle, shipping, and co-driver information. This same information used to be gathered by filling in the top of old, paper log forms.
  1. Tap the My Log icon. Your logs for today display. 

  1. Tap the Form button. The Form screen displays.

  1. Edit this information:
  • Vehicle (Note that you need to enter either your truck number or a truck plate and state to certify your logs)
    • Truck
      • Truck #: Enter your truck number into this field. 
      • Truck Plate: Enter the license plate number that was assigned to your truck. This information is needed to certify if any driving time exists for the day. 
      • State: Choose the state that issued your license plate. 
    • Trailer
      • Trailer #: Enter your trailer number into this field. Note that if you are pulling multiple trailers on one day, separate the different trailer IDs with spaces when entering this information. For example, if you're pulling three trailers with these numbers: "123," "456," and "789," this is what you would enter into the Trailer # field: "123 456 789". 
      • Trailer Plate: Enter the license plate number that was assigned to your trailer.
      • State: Choose the state that issued your trailer's license plate. 
  • Shipping
    • BOL/Manifest/Shipping #: Enter your bill of lading (BOL), manifest ("cargo document") information, or shipping number into this field. If any driving time exists for the day, this information is needed to certify your logs. 
    • Shipper & Commodity: Enter free-form text that includes your shipper's name and commodity that it ships. For example, you could enter this: "ABC Shipping - PVC Pipes". 
  • Carrier
    • Carrier Name: Enter the name of your carrier. Note that this field is required before your logs can be certified. If you are operating under multiple carriers in one day, ONE20 recommends that you ask the carrier for your logs so you have them in electronic form before leaving the carrier. You can also choose to email your logs to yourself. 
    • Carrier DOT #: Enter your carrier's assigned DOT number. 
  • Co-Driver
    • Co-Driver Name: Enter the name of your co-driver.
    • Co-Driver ID: Enter your co-driver's ID number. This number is assigned to your co-driver by a fleet or motor carrier. 
  1. Tap the Save button. 
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