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ONE20 Help

Updating Account Profiles

This article covers how to update driver profiles as well as fleet profiles in the ONE20 Dashboard. We show you how to update information like names, driver license numbers, driver license states, and phone numbers.
  1. Click the  icon next to your name. Additional options display.
  2. Choose the Profile option. The My Profile screen displays. Depending on the type of account you have, the fields that display may be different. 

Driver Account

Fleet Account

  1. Edit this information:
  • First: Edit your first name. 
  • Last: Edit your last name. 
  • Drivers License #: Enter your commercial driver's license number. For example: 123123456.
  • Drivers License State: Choose the state where your commercial driver's license (CDL) is valid. 
  • Phone Number: Edit the phone number you would like associated with your ONE20 account. It should be in this format: "5551231234". 
  1. After all your changes are made, click the Save button. 
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