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ONE20 Help

Creating an Account

This article covers how to create an account and log into the ONE20 Dashboard.
  1. Go here: The Welcome screen displays. 

  1. You can choose to set up two different types of accounts. These account types are available:
    • Driver Account: If you would like to create a driver account, click the Set Up Driver Account button. If you are an independent driver who uses the ONE20 F-ELD solution independently or as a member of a fleet, you should create a driver account. 
    • Fleet Account: If you would like to create a fleet account, click the Set Up Fleet Account button. If you manage a fleet of drivers that uses the ONE20 F-ELD solution, you should create a fleet account. 

  1. In the Email field, enter an email that you would like to use for your ONE20 Dashboard account. 

  1. Click the Continue With Email button. The Become a ONE20 Member screen displays.

  1. In the Password field, enter a password that you would like to associate with your ONE20 Dashboard account. This value must be at least six characters.

  1. Click the Sign Up button. The Welcome to ONE20 screen displays. Depending on if you're creating a driver account or a fleet account, what you see in the Welcome to ONE20 screen will be different. 

Driver Account

Fleet Account

  1. In the Welcome to ONE20 screen, enter this information:
  • First Name: Enter your first name. For example: "Philip".
  • Last Name: Enter your last name. For example: "Miller". 
  • Phone Number: Enter your phone number with area code. For example: "5551231234". 
  • Driver's License #: Enter your commercial driver's license number. For example: "78938465".
  • Driver's License State: Choose the state where your commercial driver's license (CDL) was issued. 
  • ONE20 Handle: Enter a unique name to identify yourself in the ONE20 community. This value can be up to 30 characters and it can include special characters. 
  1. Click the Next button. The What type of driver are you screen displays.

  1. In the What type of driver are you screen, choose the option that best describes the type of driver that you are. 
  2. Click the Next button. A ONE20 Dashboard account is created for you and you are logged in. 
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