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Assigning Unidentified Driving Records

This article covers how to assign unidentified activity to a driver profile. When the ELD detects motion but no driver is connected to it, the motion is logged as an "unidentified activity." All unidentified activity recorded by an ELD in the last 8 days will be stored for law enforcement review and cannot be deleted. When drivers assume activities as their own, their logs are automatically updated.
  1.  Click on the Unidentified Driving menu option. The Unidentified Driving Records screen displays.  

  1. Find the unidentified driving record(s) you would like to assign to yourself or a driver. A check mark displays in the box next to the record.

  1. Click the Assign to Me button. The Assign activities to driver dialog displays. 

  1. From the drop down, choose the driver who you would like to assign the unidentified activity to. The driver's name displays in the field. 

  1. Click the Save button. The unassigned activity is assigned to the chosen driver.