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Rejecting Unidentified Driving Records

This article covers how to reject unidentified activity. When the ELD detects motion but no driver is connected to it, the motion is logged as an "unidentified activity." When drivers reject unidentified activity, the activity is not added to their logs, but it remains on their device for eight days. This information is stored for law enforcement review and it cannot be deleted.
  1.  Click on the Unidentified Driving menu option. The Unidentified Driving Records screen displays. 

  1. Find the unidentified driving record you would like to reject. A check mark displays in the box next to the record.

  1. Click the Reject Unidentified Activity button. The Reject Activity dialog displays. 

  1. In the Reject Activity dialog, click the Yes button. The Add Explanation dialog displays. 

  1. In the Add Explanation dialog, enter a text explanation describing why you're rejecting the activity. 
  2. In the Add Explanation dialog, click the Save button. The activity is rejected and is not added to your profile.