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ONE20 Help

Updating Your Truck Profile

This support article covers how to update your truck profile information. Keeping this information up-to-date is important because some of the information is used in your logs for FMCSA compliance. It's important to note that depending on how your ELD is set up and managed, you may be unable to edit some of your settings and some of your settings may be overwritten by your carrier's settings.
  1. Tap the More icon. The More screen displays.
  2. In the More screen, tap the Truck Profile option. The Truck Profile screen displays. 

  1. In the Truck Profile screen, edit this information:
  • Default to Form Header: Enable or disable this option. If this option is enabled, all values are defaulted to any available entered corresponding fields in the daily log form header screens. If this option is disabled, all of these values are not entered and you need to manually enter the information.
  • Truck #: Enter the vehicle's ID number. This value is assigned by the fleet or motor carrier.
  • Truck VIN: This field displays the VIN for the vehicle. The F-ELD Truck Adapter gets this from the vehicle bus and it cannot be edited. 
  • Truck Plate: Enter the license plate number assigned to the vehicle. 
  • Truck State: Enter the state where the vehicle's license plate was issued. 
  1. After you are done making changes, tap the Save button. Your changes are saved.