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Setting Up Co-Driving

This article covers how to set up co-driving in the ONE20 F-ELD app. "Co-driving" happens when two or more drivers share one truck adapter (and truck).
  1. Tap the My Log icon. Your logs for today display. 

  1. Tap the Form button. The Form screen displays.

  1. In the Co-Driver section, enter this information for your co-driver(s):
    • Co-Driver First Name: Enter the first name of your co-driver.
    • Co-Driver Last Name: Enter the last name of your co-driver.
    • Co-Driver ID: Enter your co-driver's ID number. This number is assigned to your co-driver by a fleet or motor carrier. 

NOTE: For more detailed information on all the fields that can be edited in the Form screen, go here: Managing Your Form Header.

  1. Tap the Save button. 
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