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ONE20 Help

Downloading and Installing the ONE20 F-ELD App

This support article covers how to download and install the ONE20 F-ELD app on your device from the App Store.
  1. Tap the App Store app on your device. The App Store displays.
  2. Search for "ONE20 F-ELD" in the App Store search bar. Search results display.

  1. From the search results, tap on the ONE20 F-ELD app. The ONE20 F-ELD app's App Store page displays. 

  1. In the ONE20 F-ELD screen, tap the GET button. The GET button changes to an INSTALL button. 

  1. Tap the INSTALL button. The ONE20 F-ELD application installs on your device. When the application is done installing, the INSTALL button changes to an OPEN button. 

  1. Tap the OPEN button. The ONE20 F-ELD app opens on your device.
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