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What are yard moves and how do I enable them?

What are yard moves?

The ONE20 F-ELD has the ability to log and record "yard moves." Yard moves are any slow, short movements that a driver makes while not driving a route. For example, if you want to move your truck around the yard without being put into driving status, your ELD would record a yard move, which helps you optimize your available drive time. If you enable this option, you can choose the "Yard Move" status before you move your truck a very short distance. Then, when you move your truck, the motion does not change your status to "driving." However, if you exceed 5 MPH while in this state, your status is automatically changed to "driving." 

How do I enable yard moves?

For detailed information on how to enable yard moves in the ONE20 F-ELD app, go here: Managing Your HOS Settings.

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