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ONE20 Help

What should I do if I'm having trouble connecting my adapter?

If you're having trouble connecting your ONE20 F-ELD truck adapter to your F-ELD app via Bluetooth, here are some things to check:

  • Confirm that your device has Bluetooth enabled. The process for enabling Bluetooth is different on every device. For more detailed information on how to enable Bluetooth on your device, please refer to your device's documentation. On most devices, you can enable Bluetooth in the Settings. 
  • Confirm that your device can establish Bluetooth connections with other devices. 
  • Confirm that your device is not connected to any other BLE devices when you try to connect. For more information on BLE, go here: What's Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and why do I need it?
  • Confirm that your truck adapter's lights are in the state you need them to be. For more information on your truck adapter's lights and what they mean, go here: Understanding Your Adapter's Lights.
  • Confirm that your device does not have a bad BLE chip. 
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