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ONE20 Help

Adding Activities or Events

This support article covers how to edit an existing activity on your logs. You can edit most activities on your log. However, driving time recorded by the ELD cannot be shortened. These events cannot be edited: driver login/logout, CMV engine power up/shut down, intermediate log, malfunction, and data diagnostics.
  1. Tap the My Log option. Your logs for today display.

  1. Tap the Add Event link in the Activity section. The Add Activity screen displays. 

  1. Edit this information:
  • Time: Enter the time that the event occurred. This field is required. 
  • Duty Status: Edit the duty status that you would like to log. This is anytime your duty status is manually updated. 
  • Current Location: Enter the location where the event occurred. This field is required. 
  • Comment: Enter any notes that you would like associated with the event that you're adding to your logs. This field is required. 
  1. Tap the Save button. The information is saved and your logs recalculate. 

NOTE: If you've certified a day but the day is not over yet (Example: you certified at 7:15 PM and it is now 7:30 PM), any new events or status changes will cause the app to un-certify your logs and save the new event or status change. If this happens, you need to re-certify your logs.