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ONE20 Help

Changing Your Status

This support article covers how to update your status. You can choose from these statuses: On Duty, Driving, Sleeper Berth, Off Duty, Off Duty - Personal Conveyance, and On-Duty - Yard Moves. Note that some statuses only display when they are enabled in your HOS settings.
  1. Tap the My Log option. Your logs for today display. 
  2. Tap the current status. The Change Status screen displays, showing your current status and the amount of time you've been in the status. You should check this value when coming "on duty" to ensure you've completed your necessary reset.

  1. In the Change Status screen, edit this information:
  • Status: Choose your new status. You can choose from the options below. For the most accurate, up-to-date definitions and requirements for each status, refer to the FMCSA's documentation. 
    • On Duty ("ON")
    • Driving ("D")
    • Sleeper Berth ("SB")
    • Off Duty ("OFF")
    • Off Duty - Personal Conveyance ("PC")
    • On Duty - Yard Moves ("YM")
  • Location: Your current location is automatically entered. If it doesn't display or it is incorrect, tap the pin icon to retrieve your location from your device's GPS. If this is still incorrect or unavailable, you can manually enter your location.
  • Comment: Enter any text that you would like to associate with your change in status. 
  1. Tap the Save button. Your changes are saved. 

NOTE: If you've certified a day but the day is not over yet (Example: you certified at 7:15 PM and it is now 7:30 PM), any new events or status changes will cause the app to un-certify your logs and save the new event or status change. If this happens, you need to re-certify your logs.