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ONE20 Help

Getting the Right Cable

To connect the ONE20 F-ELD Truck Adapter to your vehicle, you will need a cable. ONE20's truck adapter comes with a 9-pin cable in the box. If your truck needs a cable that is not provided, you can purchase the correct cable and use it with the ONE20 F-ELD Truck Adapter. 

Figuring Out Which Cable You Need

Count the Holes

Another way to figure out what type of cable you need to plug into your truck's port is to simply look at your truck's port. In most cases, your truck's diagnostic port can be found near the left side of your dash or near the left kick panel. When you find the port, count the number of holes that it has. If you count nine holes, your truck has a 9 pin port; if you count six holes, your truck has a 6 pin port. 

For example, the image below shows a 9-pin port because it has nine holes. 

Follow the General Rules

Here's some basic information that can help you figure out what type of cable you need. For more specific, detailed information about which cables will work with your truck, reference the documentation from the company who built your truck. 

Year Your Truck Was Built Port Type
2007-2018 9-pin (primarily)
2002-2006 6-pin or 9-pin
1996-2001 6-pin (primarily)
1995 and before 6-pin, special OEM port, or no port present

F-ELD Cable Compatibility

Cable Type Compatible with ONE20 F-ELD? What it Looks Like


9-pin green cable (500 bit per second transfer rate)

9-pin gray cable (250 bit per second transfer rate)

6-pin Yes
Volvo Yes


*Required for all 2013 and newer Volvo trucks

Paccar Yes
OBDII (Light Duty) No N/A


If you have questions about a different cable's compatibility with the ONE20 F-ELD, contact us at  

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