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ONE20 Help

Configuring the APN

This article covers how to manually configure the APN information on the ONE20 Wireless Samsung Tab E.

In some cases, you may need to manually configure the APN ("Access Point Name") information on your tablet. For example, if there were issues setting up your tablet or your device was reformatted, it may not grab the APN so manual configuration is needed.

  1. On your Android tablet, choose Settings. The Settings screen displays. 
  2. In the Settings screen, choose the Mobile Networks option. The Mobile networks screen displays. 
  3. In the Mobile networks screen, choose the Access Point Names option. The Access Point Names screen displays.

  1. In the Access Point Names screen, tap the Add link. The Edit access point screen displays. 

  1. In the available fields, enter this information:
  • Name: IoT
  • APN: m2m005186.attz
  • MCC: 310
  • MNC: 170
  • APN type: Default hipri
  • APN protocol: IPv4
  • APN roaming: IPv4