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What to Expect from Your Tablet

This support article covers how your tablet will look and function out-of-the-box.

Main Screens

When you open and start using your tablet, it will already have different features and apps pre-installed. You can choose to personalize your tablet by deleting apps, re-organizing apps, and adding new apps to your device. 

Home Screen

This is what the home screens on your tablet look like: 

HomeScreen 1.png   HomeScreen 2.png   HomeScreen 3.png

Lock Screen

This is what the lock screen on your tablet looks like:


Pre-Installed Apps and Features

Your ONE20 Wireless Samsung Tab E device will have pre-installed apps set up on your device. To personalize your tablet to your needs, you can re-organize the existing apps, delete the existing apps, and add new apps.

Truck Stop Apps

Amazon Apps

Amazon Apps.png

Audio and Video Apps

ONE20 Links

Social Apps

Tools Apps