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ONE20 Help

Deactivating Your Device

This article covers how to deactivate a device on your ONE20 Wireless account. When a device is deactivated, ONE20 Wireless will no longer provide cellular service for the device.
  1. Go to the ONE20 activation portal. You can do this by tapping the Activate MY ONE20 link on your tablet or by going to this URL:

The ONE20 activation portal displays. 

  1. In the Login screen, enter your information into these fields:
  • Your Email Address: Enter the email address that you associated with your ONE20 Wireless account. For example: "". 
  • Password: Enter the password that you set up when you created your ONE20 Wireless account. 
  1. After your information is entered, click the Login button. You are logged in and your account information displays. 
  2. Go to the My Services and Equipment section. The section displays.

  1. In the My Services and Equipment section, click the button next to the device you would like to deactivate. A warning dialog displays.​​​​​​

  1. In the warning dialog, click the Yes button. The device is deactivated and it will no longer display on your billing statement. Please note that ONE20 Wireless bills prior to data being used so if you deactivate a device mid-month of service, you will not be refunded for the remainder of the data. For example, by March 1, you are billed for the entire month of March. So, if you end your service on March 15, your money will not be refunded and you will still pay for the second and third weeks of March's data plan. For more detailed information on the ONE20 Wireless plan, go here: Wireless Plan Information