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ONE20 Help

Viewing Your Billing Information

This support article covers how to view your ONE20 Wireless billing information.
  1. Go to the ONE20 activation portal. You can do this by tapping the Activate MY ONE20 link on your tablet or by going to this URL:

The ONE20 activation portal displays. 

  1. In the activation portal, click the Login button. The Login screen displays.


  1. In the Login screen, enter your information into these fields:
  • Your Email Address: Enter the email address that you associated with your ONE20 Wireless account. For example: "". 
  • Password: Enter the password that you set up when you created your ONE20 Wireless account. 
  1. After your information is entered, click the Login button. Your account information displays. 

  1. Scroll to the Billing History section. All of your billing information displays.