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ONE20 Help

Camera and Video

Take pictures and record videos with the Camera app. 

  • Gallery: Open the Gallery to view photos and videos.
  • Record a Video: Record a video. 
  • Take a Picture: Take a picture. 
  • Switch Cameras: Switch between the rear and front cameras. 
  • Shooting Mode: Change the shooting mode. 
  • Camera Settings: Change the camera settings. 
  • Quick Settings: Select camera settings or options. 

Take Pictures

Take pictures with your device's camera. Note: Prior to using the camera, remove the plastic protective covering from the camera lens.

  1. From a Home screen, tap Apps|Camera.
  2. Using the display screen as a viewfinder, compose your shot by aiming the camera at the subject. While composing your picture, use the displayed options or these gestures:
  • Touch the screen with two fingers and pinch or spread them on the screen to zoom in or out.
  • Tap the screen to focus on the area you touched.
  1. Before taking the photo, you can tap the icons to access various camera options and settings. You can also touch the screen to move the focus field to the area you touch.
  2. Tap Take a picture to take the picture. 

Note: You can also press the Volume key up or down to take a picture or record video. This is the default action of the Volume key while the camera is active. You can also set the Volume key to act as a zoom key. 

Shooting Mode

Several visual effects are available. 

  1. From a Home screen, tap Apps|Camera. 
  2. Tap Shooting Mode for the following options:

Both Cameras

  • Sound & Shot: Enrich pictures by adding background sounds for a few seconds. 

Front Camera Only

  • Selfie: Take self-portraits and videos. 

Rear Camera Only

  • Auto: Allow the camera to evaluate the surroundings and determine the deal mode for the photo. 
  • Pro: Take photos using advanced camera settings.
  • Panorama: Take a photo composed of many photos strung together.
  • Continuous Shot: Take pictures continuously by pressing and holding the Camera button. 
  • Beauty Face: Enhance facial features automatically when taking pictures. 
  • Sports: Take pictures of fast movement. 

Camera Settings

You can adjust your camera's settings using the icons on the main camera screen and the full camera settings menu. 

  1. From a Home screen, tap Apps|Camera. 
  2. Quick settings are listed across one side of the camera view finder. Available options vary depending on the camera or recording mode used. Default settings include:
  • Effect: Add special graphical effects. 
  • Timer: Take time-delayed pictures or videos.
  • Picture Size: Select a resolution. Use higher resolution for higher quality. Higher resolution pictures take up more memory. 
  1. Tap Settings to configure settings for the camera. Available options vary depending on the shooting mode used.

Note: Not all of the following options are available in both camera and video camera modes. The available options also vary depending on the camera used.

Both Cameras

  • Full Screen View: View your photos and video in standard radio or use the full screen. 
  • Grid Lines: Display viewfinder grid lines to help composition when selecting subjects. 
  • Location Tags: Attach a GPS location tag to the picture. 
  • Review Pictures: Set to show pictures after taking them.
  • Storage Location: Select the memory location for storage. This option only appears if an SD card (not included) has been inserted.
  • Volume Keys Function: Use the Volume key as the camera key, the record key, or as a zoom key.
  • Shutter Sound: Enable or disable a shutter sound when pictures are taken.
  • Reset Settings: Reset the camera settings.
  • Help: View information on using the camera.

Front Camera Only

  • Save Pictures as Previewed: Save the self-portrait or self-recording as a reversed (or ‘mirrored’) image.
  • Shooting Methods (Front):
    • Tap to Take Pics: Tap the screen to take selfies.
    • Gesture Control: Detect your palm and automatically take a picture two seconds later.

Rear Camera Only

  • Video Size (Rear): Select a resolution. Use higher resolution for higher quality.

Note: Higher resolution pictures and videos use more memory. 


IMPORTANT NOTE: The content included in this section is produced by Samsung Electronics Limited. 

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