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Notification Panel

Notification icons on the Status bar display calendar events, device status, and more. For details, open the Notification panel. 

  • Settings: Display the Settings screen.
  • Manage Users: Change users or display Users settings. 
  • View All: See all available Quick settings.
  • Clear Notifications: Clear all notifications. 
  • Notification Settings: Enable or disable notifications from each app. 
  • Notification Card: View details about a notification.
  • Screen Brightness: Adjust screen brightness.
  • Quick Settings: Quickly enable or disable a feature. 

View the Notification Panel

You can access the Notifications panel from any Home screen.

  1. Drag the Status bar down to display the Notification panel.  
  2. Swipe down the list to see notification details.
  • To open an item, tap it.
  • To clear a single notification, drag the notification left or right.
  • To clear all notifications, tap Clear. 
  1. Drag upward from the button of the screen or tap Back to close the Notification panel. 

Quick Settings

In addition to notifications, the Notification panel also provides a quick access to device functions such as Wi-Fi, allowing you to quickly turn them on or off.

To view additional Quick settings:

  1. Drag the Status bar down to display the notification panel.
  2. Swipe left or right across the visible icons. 

To customize the Quick settings that display:

  1. Drag the Status bar down to display the Notification panel.
  2. Tap View all, and then tap Edit.
  • Quick Settings: Drag the icons to change their positions. 


IMPORTANT NOTE: The content included in this section is produced by Samsung Electronics Limited.  

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