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ONE20 Help

Set Up Your Device

Turn Your Device On or Off

The instructions below explain how to turn your device on or off.

Turn the Device On

Press and hold the Power key until the device turns on. 

Turn the Device Off

  1. Press and hold the Power key until the Device options menu is displayed. 
  2. Tap Power off, and confirm if prompted. 

Initial Set Up

The first time you turn your device on, the Welcome screen is displayed. It guides you through the basics of setting up your device. 

Follow the prompts to choose a default language, connect to a Wi-Fi network, set up accounts, choose location services, learn about your device's features, and more. 

Secure Your Device

Use your device's screen lock features to secure your device.

Lock the Device

By default, the device locks automatically when the screen times out. 

To lock the device:

  1. Press the Power key. 

Unlock the Device

The default Screen lock on your device is Swipe. 

To unlock your device:

  1. Press the Power key or Home key, and then drag your finger across the screen. 


IMPORTANT NOTE: The content included in this section is produced by Samsung Electronics Limited. 

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